Yes I know we all love the pretend-boyfriends trope but why aren’t there 100 more stories of Derek or Stiles pretending to be someone else’s pretend boyfriend and the other getting really fucking jealous about it - because one-night-stands are one thing but seeing someone they’ve been in denial about crushing on act all affectionate and boyfriendly with someone they’re comfortable around is a new brand of hell.

Like Erica taking Derek to her high school reunion as a little fuck-you to all the idiots who never noticed her, or Lydia recruiting Stiles to some smart people convention still stuck in the Dark Ages and only taking men’s research seriously, so she uses the most convenient boy in her life as a gateway to get in there and shame all the closed-minded assholes.

Like of course it’s all pretend but they’re a little TOO good at acting it out and then whoever isn’t in on it is at the hotel bar angrily ordering ice cream sundaes and looking for someone to hit on to take their mind off it and failing miserably.


(part 1 of 2, part 2’ll be up tomorrow on ao3 because i got my wisdom teeth out today and i just wanna go to beeeed)

Right, so, when Stiles said he could handle this, he may have miscalculated. He may have underestimated the – uh – feelings involved. Because he can handle a lot of things, alright? He handled the death of his mother at age 12, he handled successfully appealing to Berkeley to up his financial aid by $10,000 a year, he fucking handled starting a business in this economy. He’s a capable fucking adult who does adult things, so of course he thought he could handle his ten-year high school reunion and a tiny little crush on a friend.

Yeah, no, he was wrong on that front.

Because Derek. Because Derek is here with him, Scott, and Erica, in glasses and pants that are just a shade too tight, arm wrapped around Erica’s waist, smiling and laughing and charming the pants off of everyone in a five-mile radius. And alright, fine, Stiles was the one that encouraged Derek to step back into the dating pool after all these years. And yeah, he will always be Erica’s number one wingman. But, fuck, he didn’t mean the two of them should get together.

See, Stiles thought it’d be great seeing the people he loves happy and in love, but actually – no. No, it’s not great. No, it’s torture. No, Stiles gets that Erica wants to one-up all the assholes they went to high school with, and Stiles gets that Derek deserves good things in his life, but also Stiles is an asshole who has never suffered more in his entire life.

‘I’m Derek,’ Derek says, offering a hand to their senior class president, Brian Lau. ‘I’m with Erica,’ he adds.

‘Wonderful to meet you,’ Brian says warmly. ‘Now, tell me how you met - I hear it’s a great story, very New York.’

Erica throws her head back and lets out a peal of laughter, her curly blonde hair falling over her shoulder like she’s in a goddamn L’Oreal commercial. Stiles tries to set her on fire with his mind. Instead of bursting into flames, she smoothes a hand over the wrinkles in Derek’s black Hugo Boss shirt – the one that Stiles and Derek bought together last year for his dad and Melissa’s wedding reception – and says, ‘Der, you tell the story. I never get it right.’

‘Alright, babe,’ Derek says. He smiles fondly at her before launching into the story of how they were friends for years, having met through mutual friends in New York, but they’d never thought of each other in a romantic light. Then, some guy stood Erica up and as Derek swung by to grab coffee with her, they both realised what a great match they could be. ‘That idiot’s mistake was the best moment of my life,’ Derek says, gazing adoringly into Erica’s eyes. She lets out an almost imperceptible sigh, inching closer to him, and suddenly Stiles can’t breathe.

‘I have to go,’ he mumbles. ‘Excuse me.’ He spins around and walks to the bar, fists clenched, and orders a gin and tonic just as Scott joins him.

‘Saw that,’ Scott says apologetically. He raises his hand and flags the bartender over again to order a deluxe cookie sundae and a Guinness float. Stiles grunts in thanks and tips his drink back, taking a brief moment to scoff at his past self for thinking this would be a perfectly fine – even successful – event.

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5x12: Merlin’s fear after being unable to defend himself after his magic is taken away.

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What if the third key is someone who isn’t dead… but will be.

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What about Skyeward? Is that dead or is there still hope? [x]

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TEEN WOLF “the rubble or our sins” (fanvid)

a video focusing on the core five: Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia & Derek.

This video is seriously amazing. Like i have to come out of the tags to tell you how amazing it is so that you don’t just scroll past it and not watch it. Because it captures the last three seasons of teen wolf perfectly, focusing on the core characters, and makes you feel a billion things. So watch and reblog this (feel free to delete my review when you do). You won’t regret it.

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Tyler & Dylan in Comic Con Press Room

Tyler & Dylan in Comic Con Press Room

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mtvpress: Ahoy mates. Spotted: the boys of #TeenWolf kicking back on the @TVGuide yacht at #SDCC #Comiccon #MTV

mtvpress: Ahoy mates. Spotted: the boys of #TeenWolf kicking back on the @TVGuide yacht at #SDCC #Comiccon #MTV

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Tyler Hoechlin imitating Dylan O’Brien at the MTV’s Teen Wolf SDCC Panel.

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